Y2K and Martial Law: Could it Happen?
By Krista Herring

The government tells us that there is no need to stock up on food or supplies for Y2K, yet, according to WorldNetDaily, they are planning a national mobilization of troops in preparation for the civil unrest which will be the result of a complete shutdown of all communications.

What's that? The National Guard Bureau is planning for the worst? They are "scared" of civil unrest due to lack of preparation/supplies, and yet our government continues to encourage the public not to prepare, as "there is nothing to worry about?" Detect any hypocrisy here? These actions sure don't follow suit with the repeated assurances given.

And where's the logic? Could not this worst-case scenario of public panic, chaos, and widespread destruction be averted through the education and preparation of the masses?

Understandable, the viewpoint that they want to prevent escalation of the situation by creating panic and the resultant rush on supplies of all kinds. But, think for a moment. How much greater will be the panic and chaos when we are hit all at once with the devastating realization on January 1, 2000, that food and daily living supplies are no longer available because all computer systems have shut down, all communications have come to a halt? No electricity. No water. Forget about turning on the TV or radio for your local newscaster to reassure you that everything's A-OK. No power. No communication. No one will know what the heck's going on. Can you think of a scarier situation? Forget panic- we're talking total mayhem. Looting of stores, raiding of homes. If you have half a brain you realize that with no electricity, running water, food, or reassurance from any solid source, people are not simply going to sit back and play rummy in the dark until it all blows over. A mass of people motivated by fear is not a pretty picture. Yes, the government realizes this, or why else would it be preparing?

So, what happens next? Martial law? Sure sounds like a good bet. Think the government has thought of any other creative solutions for civil unrest? Not according to a series of executive orders put in place over the last few years which authorize the federal government to seize all communications media, food, utilities, supplies, farms, means of transportation, and housing, and to conscript U.S. citizens into federally-supervised labor camps, in the event of a national emergency (The camps already exist, by the way. We've seen them with our own eyes. Staffed, too. Why is that?). Additionally, it is not necessary for Congress to give approval in order for these orders to be effective. Now, do you really think our power-hungry government would pass up a golden opportunity such as this when Y2K hits?

So, what are the implications of martial law? Basically, a suspension of all constitutional rights (not that there are many surviving rights left) in the name of your protection. In other words, you don't have to commit a crime in order to be imprisoned. If someone up there doesn't like the way you think, or decides that your beliefs are "a threat to the Republic," you are then "dealt with accordingly." You don't want to find out what that means.

Next, and most important, question: If the government has anticipated this situation, then why are we repeatedly advised against practical preparation for our families and ourselves? And why are we left so in the dark as to the status of the Y2K situation? One of the most important issues we may ever have to face and, yet, have you heard Clinton address the public on it in depth? Why is it beginning to feel as if the government is working against the People, and not with or for them? Should we have to protect ourselves from our "protectors?"

It's almost as if…could it be…the government wants Y2K to happen so that it can instate martial law, thus making the people dependant upon Big Brother for survival? Now, stop to think for a moment. Why does this sound so incredible? You don't think the motive exists? Take a look at the stereotype of corruption for politicians (which exists for a reason), and then imagine it blown up to a much larger scale (collaboration of individual powers). Remember, with all brains and no heart, greed and the desire for power begin to run the life, and all manner of horrors begin to take root. Looked at in this light, it is not so hard to imagine the given scenario as a reality. Perhaps you don't think the government has the brains to pull together such a plan? Don't underestimate the powers that be, especially with the existence of such base motives. There are plenty of people working behind the scenes that you don't hear about. What? Did you expect they would keep you informed of their plans to strip your freedoms?

An abundance of evidence exists to support this theory, but what evidence has our "trusty" government given to refute it, other than cheap talk? The slow dissipation of our constitutional rights, giving the government yet more power certainly hasn't served to ease my mind.

Sorry to pull the covers from your eyes, but martial law is exactly what the U.S. government has in mind. It's no secret, though the mainstream media refuses to cover it. In a December 3, 1998 report from Wired News, John Koskinen, chairman of President Clinton's Y2K council, is reported as stating: "In a crisis and emergency situation, the free market may not be the best way to distribute resources….If there's a point in time where we have to take resources and make a judgement on an emergency basis, we will be prepared to do that."

In other words, they can take anything they "need" and use it at their discretion. Sounds like a sugar-coated forewarning of martial law to me. The evidence is out there, folks. Just a little time and research is all it takes to find out for yourself.

Think it's all hype? Then, please, prove it wrong. What have you got to lose, aside from a couple hours in front of the television? What have you got to gain? How about peace of mind that it's not going to happen?

But, if it's true…would you risk your freedoms, your family, your life, by willingly placing them in the hands of corrupt and power-hungry entities? Because that is exactly what you are doing by your inaction.

What can you do? Get educated right now. Pray and hope for the best. Be prepared for the worst. It doesn't hurt to be prepared if nothing happens. But it will sure sting like a good slap in the face if you aren't and it does.

And above all, value what freedoms you have left. Enjoy the day with a stroll in the park, sunshine on your face, grass under your toes, wind caressing your skin, and embrace each moment with love in your heart and joy to share with all. These last two are freedoms that can never be taken.