Mystery Contrails - Inexplicable
Illnesses - Mass Poisoning?
From Ian Goddard <>
I just got the following message from William Thomas ( a veteran journalist covering military activity who broke the story on wide- spread accounts of spraying from USAF jets that makes people sick and leaves local hospitals overflowing.
USAF Jets Said To Be Spraying Something That Sickens:
Since the story broke, William has been flooded with accounts from around the nation of massive jet-spray operations followed by widespread illness below. I've received many such accounts and I don't know what to make of this: Are these false associations? Are people pulling my leg? Or is this true? Will Thomas says yes!
To get an idea of how widespread these jet-poisoning reports are, listen to the 1/25/99 Art Bell show here:
As we have seen, with respect to the now-repealed U.S. Code 10(1520), the use of entire "civilian populations" for the testing of any chemical or biological warfare agent has been fully permitted, subject only to minor conditions. The new law, USC 10(1520(a)), puts limits only on any public poisoning conducted by one official.
If mass poisoning is defined in the law, can we really say that reports of jets spraying sickness down from the skies is such a big surprise? -- Ian Goddard
This could be the biggest and most-covered-up story ever:
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 12:03:48 -0800 (PST)
To: Ian Goddard <
From: William Thomas <
Subject: Re: Foreign Troops?
Hi Ian,
Please issue the following alert. The clock is ticking...
Something huge is going on. In many regions, I can confirm that hospital emergency rooms are filled to overflowing with a sudden epidemic of acute respiratory patients suffering from something doctors cannot diagnose - and that is NOT the flu. Newspapers in Bakersfield, California are reporting jammed emergency rooms. Here's a typical story from a North Carolina newspaper:
"FEELING ROTTEN? Outbreak of respiratory illnesses has doctors' offices full, but it's probably not the flu." by Rebecca Lentz, Staff Writer
"Call it the creeping crud. Call it a virus. Call it whatever you'd like. But whatever it is, it's miserable.
"Adults and children alike are down for the count with the virus. Upper respiratory infections are keeping doctors' offices hopping and the hospital seeing record numbers of patients.
"Medac, a walk-in clinic, has been busy with patients complaining of similar symptoms. New Hanover Regional's patient count has been at its highest level in history, with 503 of its available 504 inpatient beds filled on Jan. 7. On Sunday, the patient count stood at 454. Even so, the majority of illnesses aren't influenza, health officials said.
This much we know:
1. Reports of odd "contrails" are coming in from 22 states so far. Many sightings occurred months or years before this story was made public - prompting impromptu snapshots and video recordings and calls to the attention of friends and bystanders by people who are quite used to seeing commercial airplanes and normal contrails - and were astonished to see giant X's and grid-patterns woven "like Tic-tac-toe" by large aircraft criss-crossing the sky, often for hours over the same area.
2. These are not "contrails" being reported. The aircraft have been positively identified as USAF Boeing KC-135 and KC-10 air-to-air refueling aircraft spraying an unidentified substance from their tail-booms.
3. The observed tanker aircraft are not engaged in routine formation flying or air-to-air refueling. JP8 fuel inadvertently spilled or dumped to lower landing weights atomizes at jet speeds and does not fall as "cobwebs" observed by police officers and other reliable witnesses. Routine fuel dumping does not continue over hours by multiple aircraft weaving furrows over the same area until clear blue skies are completely hazed over.
4. Now occurring daily, this extremely expensive nationwide "spraying" is deliberate and laid down in specific patterns over hours.
5. These are not "cloud-seeding" activities as no clouds are present and local weather does not turn to rain immediately after these events.
6. In some notable cases, violent and unseasonal storms such as the recent flurry of "summer" tornadoes over Tennessee and heavy snowfall in Bakersfield, CA and Phoenix, AZ have occurred within days of documented (videotaped) spraying. Sharp "spikes" in power output from the USN/USAF "ionospheric heater" known has HAARP have were recorded just before last December's "horizontal snowstorm", localized around Turret Peak, AZ. These weather anomalies - and HAARP - may be related to aerial spraying using fast-dissolving, "smart plastic" polymers to catch HAARP's high-intensity radio waves to heat the atmosphere. Or these may be separate experiments.
6. What is definitely known and verifiable is that thousands, quite possibly tens of thousands of Americans - and perhaps more - are becoming ill enough to seek medical attention after these fly-overs, which are continuing at a stepped-up pace as I write.
PLEASE get back on your network right away and ask your conscientious subscribers to once again come through for all of us and bombard their Congressional representatives with an avalanche of faxes and e-mails and phone calls demanding an immediate Senate and House investigation into the deliberate large-scale spraying currently going on across America. This is a national emergency.
Thank you, and all Americans concerned for the fate of their children and their country.
God bless you all,
William Thomas
Independent Investigative Journalist
Spraying story:
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