Mystery Contrail Reports Continue Coming In Nationwide
The following series of three pictures was sent in by J. Keating of Oregon. The first two photos show the contrails being formed.
"Gale force winds were blowing in my direction that day, 50-60 mile per hour gusts! The contrails were upwind from me, so I stayed inside. Once they are in the air, these contrails do not disperse at all. Instead they become what you see in photo number 3."
"The entire sky was 'canceled out' (covered) after about 5 hours of contrails being formed by jets. Thats a lot of fuel, time, planes, pilots for whatever is going on. This Kodak digital camera just could not get in tight enough to show the planes though." J. Keating - Oregon
From Ron Venne <>
Hi Folks,
I am writing this afternoon to relate a very disquieting con trail "spraying" that took place over northwestern Connecticut and wertern Massachusetts on Thursday, 2-11-99.
I am a private pilot and have a penchant for watching everything that moves in the skies above me. This area is a hotbed of black helicopter activity (but I digress) but on Thursday, beginning around midmorning, high altitude jets began "painting" the sky with NON-DISSIPATING contrails.
I am familiar with the physics involved in the production of "normal" contrails. The fact that these contrails do not dissipate leads me to suspect that something of a chemical nature was being emitted (I use that word politely). Of further curious interest was the fact that these contrails, after hanging in the sky for literally hours, metamorphosed into what look like naturally occurring sirrus strata.
If I hadn't made a point of observing this phenomea for the better part of the day, I would have thought that these were, in fact, naturally-occurring sirrus in advance of an approaching front.
Another curiosity was that the forecast weather for our area here on Friday called for a partly sunny day with almost springlike temps of 55-60.
In actuality, we experienced a day that resembled a San Francisco type fog, so dense that it felt misty all day and temps much cooler than predicted. Radio weather forecasters continued to call for the previously forecast nice weather for the entire morning (as if they hadn't even looked out their windows to see their error.)
My familiarity with commercial flight routes causes me to completely dismiss the possibility that these trails were caused by commercial jets flying normal commercial flights, I personally witnessed several jets fly due south for perhaps fifty miles and then turn 90 degrees to the west and continue to paint what I can only surmise is a surreptitious tic-tac-toe game of who knows what awful substance.
I know that Jeff is interested in these stories, and I have taken to the web for some research and am now horrified to find that these patterns are being sprayed in other locations across the nation. I think that much more coverage should be given this matter. I am at your disposal for any assistance I can give.
PLease e-mail me back if you can point me in any direction that will not only educate me, but perhaps assemble some type of forum for redress.
From: Brian Hansen <
Subject: Contrails in the sky
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 11:20:30 -0700
Jeff, I have been an avid follower on your website, and have been following the articles on the mysterious contrails. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and have been watching the pattern of contrails, and their sheer numbers increase steadily since December 1998. Everyday our skies are streaked with countless contrails and sometimes the aircraft's are slightly visible, due to the sun reflecting off the aircraft. There has been an alarming rising in mysterious flu-like symptoms and respiratory ailments that are unexplained. I myself am a victim of these symptoms and was told its an unknown viral strain that will just have to be allowed to run its course. The doctor went on to say that he has seen a number of people like me and this is the only solution to be given. I will start photographing these contrails and submit them to you for possible posting. I hope others are becoming more aware of the unusual frequency contrails are showing up in our skies, and the connections to outbreaks of illnesses in their home towns.
--Brian Hansen
From Larry Clark <>
Hi Jeff:
Saw the posting re: spraying over the 'Albany/rensselaer county area of New York State'. I live in that area and while there seems to be a variety of strong flu strains around, there does not seem to be an extreme level of severe respiratory problems. Having said that, read below. My father-in-law did observe very unusual flight patterns that left contrails some two weeks ago.
He said that while he had not seen any UFOs, he had seen something he considered very unusual. He said that while he was ice-fishing on Saratoga Lake the previous Sunday (2/7) he had watched jets go overhead leaving contrails.
He said that what was unusual was that six were crossing the sky in one direction while five crossed from the opposite direction, passing each other in flight. This observation dovetails with other recent reports of a groups of planes methodicly covering areas of sky.