Strikeforce for New World Order?
Black Helicopters -- What Are They Hiding?
by Jim Keith

On May 7, 1994, in Harrahan, Louisiana, an unmarked black helicopter chased a teenager for 45 minutes.

The chopper's occupants pointed "scopes" at the teen, which he thought were weapons. The boy reported the incident and the police chief was informed, but the chief indicated that the chopper was owned by the federal government and that he lacked the authority to do anything about it.

During the second week of May 1994, people traveling in a car on U.S. Highway 395 near Spokane, Washington, were chased by a black chopper.

The craft traveled with the car for several miles, hovering above it, and when the driver tried to elude the chopper by turning off the road, a rope ladder dropped and men wearing black uniforms and carrying weapons began to descend. The driver immediately returned to the highway. The car's occupants believe the chopper then departed because of increased automobile traffic.

In 1995, in Fallon, Nevada, a black helicopter flew over a couple's rural property spraying some unknown substance on the grounds and livestock. By the following day, 13 of the livestock were dead. Six months later, the property-wide swath of dead and shriveled plants was still clearly visible. Federal Aviation Authorities and the military denied knowing anything about the black helicopter.

After three decades of official denial by our government, mysterious black helicopters continue to crisscross our skies. They have chased terrified motorists. Sheriffs and rural police units have given these aerial intruders futile chase in squad cars, jeeps, and pickup trucks. From 1971 to 1985, the helicopters were often seen in the vicinity of cattle mutilations--before, during, or after those grisly crimes were committed. Occupants of these mystery craft are reported to have exchanged gunfire with angry citizens.

In the 1990s, sightings took an increasingly ominous tone. People began to see mysterious black helicopters--both singly and flying in formation--in urban settings. The choppers have been seen spraying urban and rural areas with unknown chemicals that have killed pets, plants, and livestock.

As with the more familiar stories of the infamous men in black harassing UFO eyewitnesses, civilians photographing black helicopters have sometimes been accosted by men wearing black uniforms without insignia. These men have told them to leave the area and to keep their mouths shut. They have also confiscated the photographers' cameras and film.